Software Architecture and Design Services

Sign inLotamore services are provided by experienced senior level software architects. When you use Lotamore services – you get access to experienced senior level principal software architect expertise.

Software Architecture & Design Consulting

We provide advanced technical critique of an existing architecture or provide consultation and coaching for the client’s architect and engineering team in the process of the designing a new architecture.

Software Architecture & Design Outsourcing

We design the architecture for large scale software systems for a client using our intellectual property as well as industry standard frameworks. We also provide the re-architecture of an existing system within the enterprise. We deliver the architecture, documented using industry standards and train the client’s team on implementation of the architecture.

Architecture Reviews

We review the existing architecture and design for client’s software systems, products and platforms using industry standard methodologies. The reviews focus on the quality attributes of the system such as Performance, Reliability and Supportability. These reviews present the strengths and weaknesses of the architecture, the team, engineering processes, roadmaps and management

Architect Mentoring

We mentor the client’s architects and engineering team and in the process establish software architecture artifacts and create visibility for architecture within the organization. We work with groups of people using problems from their own projects to impart specialized knowledge, problem solving, and design and architecture skills.